A Higher Standard

"At Car Audio Innovations we believe in doing things right"

At Car Audio Innovations we hold ourselves to a high standard compared to the typical car audio shop. We believe that the vehicles that we work on deserve equipment and installation that equals or surpasses each vehicle's original factory integrity. Unfortunately it is common practice in our industry to rush an installation and cut corners with materials and equipment. This kind of short-sighted installation practice often leads to disappointing and sometimes even dangerous situations.

We don't rush our work. We have the education and experience to guarantee spectacular results every time. Installations are typically by appointment. We take many scheduled installations in the morning and deliver the vehicle at the end of the day. Vehicles that require more than a day stay indoors in a clean, climate-controlled shop.  

Competitive Rates

We offer fair and competitive rates. We also have discounted labor rates for installing all products purchased directly from Car Audio Innovations. All of our estimates reflect the full amount that we believe that a job will take to be done properly. 

No Games

We do not offer low-ball installation rates and then up the price after your vehicle has been taken apart. It is commonplace in today's market to get sucked into a bad deal because an uneducated, naive, or crooked shop is willing to deal with the nightmares of a job gone wrong rather than lose the job due to the quote being too high. We believe in just being honest and skipping the nightmares. It's just better for everyone.

Lifetime Installation Warranty

All of our work is guaranteed to outlast your vehicle. We stand behind our work 100% additionally many of the products that we sell carry a manufacturer warranty that extends well beyond the standard 1 year warranty that you will typically find in car audio.

Better Manufacturer Warranties

  • Viper - Limited Lifetime
  • Hertz - 2 and 3 Year
  • Audison - 2 and 3 Year
  • Kenwood Excelon - 2 Year
  • Focal - 3 Year
  • JL Audio - 1 Year
  • Alpine - 1 Year

We have gone to lengths to seek out the best equipment manufacturers almost all other manufacturers only offer a standard 1 year warranty.

Better materials, Better Tooling

At Car Audio innovations we stock and use a large variety of materials that are largely unknown or simply unavailable to regular car audio shops. It has taken us years seek out and develop all of the necessary skills and facilities that enable us to fabricate extreme quality goods.  Here are some examples.


We routinely make use of advanced composite fabrication techniques and tooling that allows us to produce a superior product. We are set up to bond, bend, vacuum form, and injection mold many different types of plastics. Many of our parts are indistinguishable from factory made parts. In fact other shops from all over the country purchase our parts so that they can use them in their own installations. 


Connectors are unfortunately the last thing that most people think about when it comes to an installation. We stock thousands of specialty connectors and various wiring products that are never found in a car audio shop. The result is our ability to quickly and effortlessly make any type of circuit with exceptional quality and serviceability.   


Our shop is tooled up to build products with steel. We commonly press our own custom speaker grills, weld up amplifier racks, and safely secure heavy items like batteries and large screen TVs.


Aluminum is one of those wonderful materials that is faster and more consistent to work with than most. Many shops lack the ability to utilize aluminum. A good example is the BMW dash kit in the picture above. We were able to fabricate this out of aluminum in less time than it would have had taken to make the same thing out of wood and Bondo (that's exactly what most any other shop would have done). The end result is a part that has the same high quality fit and finish as the rest of the car. In 40 years this part will not rot or decompose. This part will retain the same level of integrity for decades to come.  


Many shops fabricate with composites such as fiberglass; few can proficiently produce quality parts that will perform and endure the life cycle of the vehicle. We use a wide range of composite products in our custom installations. These composites include carbon fiber & fiberglass as well as others. Additionally we are setup to paint, texture, dye, or polish the end product in order to achieve that showroom finish. 

CNC Machining & Computer Aided Design

Computer aided design and CNC machining allows us to produce truly spectacular results in a relatively short amount of time. Once again this is something simply not found at regular car audio shops.  



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